CWA 17025 BII Architecture

CEN WS/BII 3 published the following CWAs for Architecture.

CEN WS/BII 3 deliverables can be acquired on the CEN website, or from the national standards bodies:

Specifications and reports

CWA Title
CWA 17025-102 Code List and Identifier Management specification
Code lists published on
CWA 17025-104 Profile Architecture specification
Business process reference model published on
CWA 17025-110 Profile Maintenance Process specification
CWA 17025-111 Capturing Business Requirements specification
CWA 17025-112 Syntax Implementation Guideline Methodology
CWA 17025-115 Semantic Data Type guideline
CWA 17025-116 BII Glossary and Business Term Vocabulary


CWA Title
CWA 17025-106 Open Procurement Data report

Architecture – Guidelines and syntax binding

CWA Title
CWA 17025-101 Conformance and Customization Methodology guideline
CWA 17025-103 Business Document Header and Envelope guideline
CWA 17025-105 Conformance Registry specification
CWA 17025-107 Message Level Response guideline
CWA 17025-108 Use of Digital Signature and Other Trust Services
CWA 17025-109 Guideline on the Concept of Core
CWA 17025-113 Business Rules Description Mechanism guideline
CWA 17025-114 Attachment Handling guideline


CWA Title
CWA 17025-203 BDE Syntax Implementation guide for Messaging Envelope
CWA 17025-207 UBL Syntax Implementation Guideline for Message Level Response