CEN BII standardises eProcurement processes, documents and content, supporting EU-wide interoperability, and covering the full procurement cycle, from notification in the pre-award phase, to payment in the post-award phase.

CEN BII defined a minimum set of core information elements of the documents and business processes involved in electronic public procurement. These are published as a set of technical specifications, called CEN BII profiles, and documented as CEN Workshop Agreements (CWAs).

CEN BII also provided mappings to two syntaxes from OASIS UBL and UN/CEFACT. These are published as Implementation guidelines.

The results from the last phase of the BII initiative (CEN WS/BII 3) include the following CWAs:

CWA Title Profiles Info. Req. model Syntax impl. guide Syntax binding Transaction validation artifacts Specifications, guidelines and reports
17025-1 Overview and Architecture 1 1 17
17026-1 E-Notification Overview 6 8 4 1
17027-1 E-Tendering Overview 23 29 12 12 1
17028-1 E-Catalogue Overview 6 12 20 16 3
17029-1 E-Post-award Overview 11 10 18 10 6

CEN WS/BII 3 deliverables can be acquired on the CEN website, or from the national standards bodies: https://standards.cen.eu/dyn/www/f?p=204:105:0:::::

Validation artefacts are available at: http://cenbii.eu/deliverables/cen-wsbii-3/validation-tools/