The first CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) from BII – 16073:2010 (www.cen.eu/cwa/bii/specs) – was developed to support interoperable public electronic procurement and business solutions, as a concrete contribution inline with EU policies. The CWA includes the following parts:

  • Part 1; Profile overview (message contents and business processes) for public procurement processes, showing their fields of application;
  • Part 2; Mapping of UN/CEFACT CCL, as well as ISO 20022 Invoice related requirements to the BII Workshop requirements. The mapping shows how messages from the standards can be used to support interoperability through use of the CEN BII profiles.
  • Part 3; Toolbox for using the profiles in implementation. The toolbox provides guidance for the implementation of profiles by system owners based on one of the two selected standards.
  • Part 4: Evaluation guidelines for testing and piloting of applications using the profiles, which are essential for all implementations ensuring the interoperability of the profiles.

These results served as the basis for implementation of interoperable e-procurement processes in important initiatives, such as the Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine (PEPPOL) project and the European Commission e-procurement platform (ePRIOR).