CWA 16558 BII Architecture

The CEN Workshop Agreement CWA16558 BII2 Architecture contains profiles and documents that are not specific to a business area.

Profile BII2 Message Level Response

Application level confirmation of the receipt of a message.

Transaction Information Requirements Model Syntax binding to UN/CEFACT Syntax binding to UBL Browsable version
Message Level Response
BiiTrns71.rtf N/A BII-SyntaxBinding-BiiTrns71-MessageLevelResponse-UBL html


Guideline on the Application of Electronic Signatures.
Guideline on Attachments Handling.
Guideline on the Business Rules Description Mechanism
Guideline on Capturing of Business Requirements.
Guideline on Code List Management.
BII Code Lists.

Transaction customization identifiers for individual transactions are detailed in this document provided by the BII workshop architecture team in order to facilitate consistent use.

Guideline on Conformance and Customizations.
Guideline on Data formats.
Guideline on Implementation and the use of Validation Artifacts.
Guideline on Item and Packing units in Catalogues.
Guideline on Message Envelope Specification.
Guideline on Profile Architecture.
Guideline on Syntax Binding Methodology.
Presentation on the Governance Of Life Cycle Management.
Report on the Governance Model.
Report on Long Term Governance.
Report on Versioning and Change management.
Validation tools can be found here.