Launched in March 2013, the CEN WS/BII3 workshop continues the work to support interoperable electronic procurement. CEN WS/BII3 has the objective of providing increased value to the CEN WS/BII user community, by:

  • filling the gaps to ensure that all relevant aspects of e-procurement are covered;
  • facilitate increased use through capacity building;
  • facilitate the implementation of BII by coordinating with standardization bodies to ensure that the (European) requirements defined in BII are considered;
  • securing the continued relevance of the BII deliverables by providing a focal point for governance and lifecycle management.

The current BII profiles will be updated in 2016 to include additional requirements and will be backward compatible with the profiles developed in the second phase of the workshop.

The CEN WS/BII 3 supports the relevant EU stakeholders involved in electronic procurement to ensure alignment with EU policies, providing guidance to implementation projects and strategic initiatives.