CEN WS/BII 3 deliverables available for public review

The CEN BII Workshop (Phase 3)  has made available the draft deliverables for public review.

CEN BII standardises eProcurement processes documents and content, supporting EU-wide interoperability. It is the only standardisation initiative in Europe that covers the full procurement cycle, from notification in the pre-award phase, to payment in the post-award phase.

CEN BII defines a minimum set of core information elements of the documents and business processes involved in eProcurement. These are published as a set of technical specifications, called CEN BII profiles, and documented as CEN Workshop Agreements (CWAs).

The profiles, which are designed to facilitate eProcurement, are based on a modular approach so that they can be implemented by any IT system. The scope is public procurement but the specifications apply as well to private trade, with a focus on global interoperability. They could be customised based on national or organisational requirements.

CEN BII also provides mappings to two syntaxes from OASIS UBL and UN/CEFACT. These are published as Implementation guidelines. All Profiles and Guidelines are based on open and transparent methodologies, which are published as Architecture CWAs.

In July 2015, CEN WS/BII 3 has published a number of CWAs, as follows:

  • CWA 1234:2015 Architecture parts
  • CWA 2345:2015 BII Notification profiles and transactions
  • CWA 3456:2015 BII Tendering profiles and transactions
  • CWA 4567:2015 BII Catalogue profiles and transactions
  • CWA 4567:2015 part 401 Classification Systems Guideline
  • CWA 4567:2015 part 402 Pre-award Catalogue Guideline
  • CWA 5678:2015 Post award profiles
  • CWA 5678:2015 Post award guidelines
  • CWA 5678 Post award CEFACT syntax guidelines
  • CWA 5678 Post award UBL syntax guidelines

Organisations interested in implementing electronic procurement based on common standards and aligned to EU policies and legislation should take into account the CEN BII deliverables including validation tools to ensure compliant implementations.

Comments to the deliverables should be sent to the BII secretariat by 28th August 2015 at the latest. Other parts of CWAs will be uploaded for public comment at a later stage.

For detailed information about the CWAs and comments table please see: CEN WS/BII 3 Deliverables