CEN WS/BII3 Seminar | Reykjavík | May 11th 2015

The objective of the seminar is to inform participants about the results of the Workshop’s activities and relevant eProcurement initiatives in Europe.

Location: Borgartúni 35, 105 Reykjavík, Iceland. (ICEPRO)

Time: from 14:00 to 16:30 WET (local time)



14:00 Welcome

Mr. Hjörtur Þorgilsson, ICEPRO Chairman

Mr. Stuart Feder, Chairman, CEN BII3 Workshop

14:15 Introduction to CEN BII

Mr. Jostein Frømyr, Vice-Chair technical coordination, CEN BII3 Workshop

14:25 CEN BII Pre-award phase and Deliverables

Mr. Kornelis Drijfhout, eTendering Team leader, CEN BII3 Workshop

14:40 CEN BII Post-award phase and Deliverables

Mr. Georg Birgisson, Editor, Post-award business requirements and processes, CEN BII3 Workshop

14:55 EU Multi-stakeholder Forum on e-Invoicing & CEN Project Committee 434 on e-Invoicing

Mr. Jostein Frømyr, Vice-Chair technical coordination, CEN BII3 Workshop

15:10 OpenPEPPOL developments and membership

Mr. Sven Rasmussen, Transport Infrastructure CC Leader, OpenPEPPOL

15:25 The Swedish Experience: implementing the CEN BII Deliverables in Post-award

Mrs. Kerstin Wiss Holmdahl, Legal Advisor, Swedish Association of Local Authorities

15:40 Open discussion

16:15 Closing



Please click here to download the seminar presentations.


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